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How is your web site promotion going? Getting frustrated? I felt muddled too, until I discovered what few new web marketers know about –organic marketing.

Organic marketing is just as it sounds–”natural”. In essence, you build a network of connections to your site using natural and simplistic methods. The best part is…it costs you nothing but your time.

Many individuals are still under the impression that to promote their web site, they either have to pay for each click they get on Google or they have to hire a web-site promotion firm at $1000+ per campaign in order to get exposure.

Take it from me, I started into the web marketing business with NO marketing knowledge. I taught myself. How did I do it? The answer is simple: START ASKING QUESTIONS!

Once I started asking questions and finding the answers, the pieces began fitting together. I soon discovered that there are as many options to marketing my web site as there are places to purchase a car–I don’t have to go to just one purchaser or have one strategy.

I want to share my knowledge with all of you who are feeling discouraged. In my last article called, Alleviate Your Internet Marketing Stress, I provided an overview of organic marketing and some of the basics. Read that first to gain a broad understanding of the concept.

In this article, I want to give you an overview of steps to marketing your website using this approach.

First, start with an analysis of your site and your keywords. Your keywords will ultimately determine how relevant your web site is to interested customers. Use the keyword analysis tool called to come up with a list of keywords you think people will type in when they search for your site.

Second, check your site to make sure those same keywords are located near the top of the page. That way the search engine spiders “bots” will be able to read them and immediately determine your relevance. Make sure your keyword density (# of keywords vs. total words) is appropriate, i.e, don’t go overboard!

Third, create readable pages. Readable pages mean that your website pages can be easily read by the search engine robots or “bots”. There is a complete checklist to making sure your pages are “readable”. Get a checklist off of the Internet and go through it. Some examples of items to consider are: make sure you’re not using frames, examine your title tags and description tag, ensure the navigation system on your site is not created using JavaScript, etc.

Fourth, register with search engines. Search engines represent the single most important source of new visitors to your web site. Your goal should be to get your sites submitted to (at least) the following engines: Google,, Teoma/Ask Jeeves, Open Directory project and These are the best places to start. Get onto each of their sites, and find out how to submit your site…and then do it.

Last, link to other sites and encourage them to link to yours. Establishing links to your site is one of the best ways to give the impression of a useful site. If you’re site is a popular place to be for visitors to be, it will directly affect how high you rank in the search engines. There are strategies for doing this and you need to find out how to boost your position using link popularity. Again, get a list of how you do this off of the Internet. Some elements that may be part of your strategy could include: avoiding links with no value, connecting to a group of websites related to a particular subject, etc.

If you have particular questions about how this any of this is done, feel free to email me at my website below. In my next articles, I will be focusing more on the exact “how tos”. In the mean time, don’t give up. This type of marketing takes time. Get educated and you find yourself soon marketing like a pro!

Copyright 2005 Glen Snethun

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